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The 2024 Mexican Election

Mexico has a presidential election every six years, and the United States every four years. Every 12 years, therefore, Mexico and the United States have a presidential election the same year. This year, 2024, is one of those years. The … Continue reading

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Can Mexico’s Vaquita Porpoise Survive?

The vaquita, scientific name Phocoena  sinus, is a type of porpoise which is endemic to Mexico. The vaquita livesin the northern partof the Sea of Cortes(pictured on the right), also called the Gulf of California or Vermilion Sea, a body … Continue reading

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Change Ahead for Mexico’s Supreme Court?

The Mexican federal government is organized like that of the United States, with an executive branch, a bicameral Congress and a Supreme Court. Whereas the U.S. Supreme Court has 9 members selected for life, Mexico’s Supreme Court has 11 members, … Continue reading

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Welcome to Mexico News Report

Welcome to my first installment of the Mexico News Report.  What is the Mexico News Report? What I propose to do is provide an English-language platform for news about Mexico, which is often ignored and misrepresented in the Mainstream Media. … Continue reading

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